Your Cat Companions

in the Eastern Suburbs



Sally lives in Paddington with her partner Nick and their two 'very spoilt' Devon Rex, Pixie and Rex.

Sally grew up surrounded by animals including her 3 horses, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, mice, lambs, lizards and of course cats.



Nick lives with Sally in Paddington and their two cats.

Nick has always been around animals, but has a particular love for cats and dogs. 



Donna lives in Phillip Bay with her partner and son. She grew up with many different animals including dogs, ducks, possums, blue-tongue lizards, ferrets, cockatoos and of course cats.

She loves all animals but has a real soft spot for cats and currently has five crazy, funny, entertaining and gorgeous cats and two dogs. She enjoys meeting new cats and discovering their personalities.



Kylie lives in Clovelly and has a beautiful rescue cat called Katniss who is a true friend and sleeps beside her every night.

Kylie has a real soft spot for cats and when she was younger she wanted to be a vet but life led her to be a registered nurse. Through cat sitting she still gets plenty of time with special cats.



Rosie lives in Waverley and is a huge animal lover and has been around cats her whole life. Rosie currently has two cats, a 14 year old Burmese (Ms. Lara) and a 12 year old ginger tabby (Mr. Kitty Kat) who are spoiled rotten. Rosie is also a big plant lover and has many plants and loves taking care of those too.

Joleen Cowan picture


Joleen lives in Bondi and has been the proud owner of 16 year old Tiger since she rescued him as a kitten. Her other love, a tabby called Zoe past away recently at the ripe old age of 18. Joleen is a huge cat lover and animal lover all round. 

Deborah McLoughlin picture


Deborah lives in Darling Point, but grew up in Devon where her parents owned a pet shop. She's had animals all her life and fosters kittens and cats regularly. Her latets 'foster fail' has been with her for 2 years.